48 Cows die due to starvation & sickness, despite over-enthusiastic Cow Vigilantism

NEW DELHI: At least 48 cows died due to starvation and diseases in an animal shelter in the national capital’s Dhumanheda. Until yesterday, there was news of the death of 36 cows. After the death of the cows, the carcasses remain in the shelter for many days. After the news was broadcast, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi team, today came to dispose off the dead bodies.

The Kejriwal government had sent a team of doctors to the animal shelter. In the morning the MCD cleaning staff was posted on the spot. Food and drinks were arranged for eating and drinking. The workers at the shelter prevented media from investigating the scene and going inside. The villagers said that if there had been cleanliness in the shelter, then the cows would not have died.

Such a large number of cows have died in the time when recently, in the name of Cow Vigilantism, Rakbar Khan was allegedly beaten to death in Alwar in Rajasthan. In this case the police is also in the circle of questions. Since 2017, 34 people have been beaten and beaten up in the name of cow protection and 69 cases have been registered.


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