Petrol at 4 year high in Delhi


With the introduction of Clean Fuel BS-6 on Sunday, prices of petrol and diesel have also been increased. Petrol price went up to four years at the highest level of Rs 73.73 per liter, while diesel went up to the highest ever price of Rs 64.58 a liter.

Although the rise in prices is being reported in the international market for the increase in the price of crude oil and regular reviews from domestic oil marketing companies, but the knowledgeable person is also looking at the compensations for the increase in refining cost of BS-6 And it is believed that there will be more money in the next two days.

According to the price notification of the companies, petrol with all taxes in the capital will be sold for Rs 73.73 per liter, which is the highest price since the price of Rs 76.06 per liter on September 14, 2014. Diesel is at the highest ever price of Rs 64.58 per liter. Earlier, the maximum value of diesel reached Rs 64.22 liters on February 7, 2018.

Although there is no mention of any additional reason behind the increase in prices by the companies and the government, but due to the introduction of BS-6 standard petroleum products in the capital from April 1, different kind of concessions should be taken against prices. Are there.