Nawab Malik alleges extortion of Bollywood stars in Maldives by NCB’s Sameer Wankhede

NCP leader Nawab Malik said:”We are very clear. All this vasooli (extortion) took place in Maldives and Dubai and I will release those photos.”

Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik on Thursday again lashed out at the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) zonal director Sameer Wankhede, claiming that he and his family were in Dubai and Maldives when many of the Indian film industry’s stars were there during the pandemic.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire film industry was in Maldives. What were the officer and his family doing in Maldives and Dubai [at the same time]? This must be clarified by Sameer Wankhede,” the NCP spokesperson said.

“We demand that he clarifies whether he was in Dubai. Was his family there in Maldives when the entire film industry was there? What was the reason?” he asked.

“We are very clear. All this vasooli (extortion) took place in Maldives and Dubai and I will release those photos,” Malik said.

Malik said: “The mystery around Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was never solved. But with this move, NCB began its game in the film industry.” He alleged that NCB implicated Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty in a “fake case” and there were attempts to falsely trap many others.

He said many actors were “paraded” before the NCB based on mere WhatsApp chats.

Wankhede on October 2 led an NCB team to bust a party aboard a luxury cruise liner off the Mumbai coast. Soon after the arrest, actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan and several others were detained and, later, arrested. Malik has repeatedly said the case of alleged recovery of drugs from the vessel was “fake” and arrests were made just on the basis of WhatsApp chats.

Speaking at a rally in Maval in Pune District, Malik later said: “There is a parrot called Wankhede. Every day he files bogus cases. My son-in-law was arrested but the court said that the sections [he was charged under] do not apply to him. You are doing this farziwada (fraud) to defame Maharashtra and Bollywood. This is the BJP’s conspiracy. These officers and some BJP leaders are creating fear through these agencies and are extorting thousands of crores. I won’t stop till I expose them. Wankhede will lose his job in a year. You wanted to put us behind bars, people will now see you behind bars.”

Malik on Wednesday again demanded the examination of the WhatsApp chats of Wankhede, claiming that it would reveal how “bogus the NCB cases are”.

Source: India Today


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