Muslims protest against ban on Qurbani of camels in Madurai

MADURAI :Madras High Court decision to ban Qurbani (sacrifice) of camels during Eid ul Zuha has deeply hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community in Tamil Nadu.

As the Muslim festival of animal sacrifice is approaching the anger of Muslims is also increasing with the same intensity.

Members of All India Imams Council carried out a protest in Madurai on Monday against an order high court.

The protesters said that the order was against the religious rights of Muslims.

They said that even as Eid ul Zuha is falling in the second week of September, an appeal against the order cannot be made before 19th September.

The Council said that the protest would go on till 10th September across Tamil Nadu and announced its intention to intensify the protests if the ban was not repealed.

Members of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, Social Democratic Party of India and Popular Front of India also participated in the protest.


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