‘Muslims are far behind Dalits and need reservation in AMU and Jamia’: AMU VC


In an interview to Indian Express, AMU Vice Chancellor Zameer Uddin Shah defended the AMU Minority Character and reservation for Muslims in “Muslim universities” such as AMU and Jamia Millia Islamia.

He said that the condition of Muslims has deteriorated after Independence and they are living in worse conditions.
“If you see the present scenario, Muslims are far behind Dalits in every aspect. I don’t think that if Dalits don’t get reservations in the two universities, it will affect their situation.
However, this will surely help the Muslim students who will get those seats,” said Shah, adding that all other universities in the country must have reservation for Dalits.

Shah also quoted a recent statement of BSP chief Mayawati in which she had reportedly said that Dalits do not need reservations in AMU and Jamia. He also said that reports by several panels, including Sachar commission, maintained the fact that Muslims are the most neglected section in India.