Muslim Youth Denied Job at Noida Company Citing Religious Identity

Two Muslim youth from Uttar Pradesh denied a job with Oppo Mobile Company in Greater Noida on the basis of their religious identity.

NEW DELHI – Twenty-six-year-old Saeed Ansari has to go back to his village and work as an apprentice with his father’s carpenter’s workshop. Saeed was in Delhi seeking better work opportunity, but after being denied a job with Oppo Mobile Company in Greater Noida’s Kasna area, on the basis of his religious identity, he has no other option but to go back.

Saeed hails from Beesalpur village which falls in MP Varun Gandi’s constituency – Pilbhit, Uttar Pradesh. According to him, he and Azad Ansari were part of a group that went through a series of interviews and HR process for the position of a machine operator at the mobile company. All of the candidates from the group barring him and Azad got the job.

Saeed had worked before with the company for a period of five months (from July 23 July to December 23). According to him, they had earlier been hired on a contractual basis and following which they got a break of two months, with a promise of being hired again.

“On February 9, the contractor had called us with the news of rejoining the company. Following which, we all were interviewed. They also gave us a card and said that we will receive a call within 2 to 4 working days. We waited for the call for 20 days. When we did not get the call then we contacted the contractor and met him on. He told us that the company no longer hires Muslims,” said Saeed while talking to Caravan Daily.

Saeed, a post-graduate in Urdu also has a degree in polytechnic. He, however, added that he was not directly denied the job by citing his religion. He remembered that when he went to ask about his joining, he was first asked his name and then asked to step aside, stating that his case is different.

“When I asked that we both Muslims are not getting a call, he started shouting at me saying that we don’t pick his call. He was ironically getting angry at me out of nothing. When I replied that I did not get any call and message, he told me to move aside after asking my name. I waited there for a long time but he kept ignoring me. Then I persistently asked that what is the reason that we are not receiving a call? He said your case is different, you will not get hired,” said Saeed adding that “Another elder man who was present with the contractor told me that Oppo is not hiring Muslims, after asking my name.”

Saeed also added that the list containing the name of the shortlisted candidates didn’t have the religion column. However, now the list carries a section mentioning the religion of the candidates. According to him, the candidates were being hired for Oppo through the contractors of Wellmen, a manpower supply company.

“They were hiring the candidate whose id number was before and after me but they were not hiring me and Saeed,” said Azad, who is from Uttar Pradesh’s Dewariya district. He could not understand why he and Saeed were not being hired. After the interview, the duo was in touch and later Saeed explained to him the reason for not being hired.

Following the incident, Saeed was called back by his family when they got to know the reason for which he had not been hired. However, Azad continues to work in Noida with another company.

Source: Caravan Daily


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