“Mulk” Director Anubhav Sinha stuns Biased Journalist with Witty Reply

India is the land of massive media-scape, however certain media organizations present an extremely biased or lop-sided view of many issues. In matters of religious issues, media houses present the views that please and appease their bosses and channel sponsors.

Owing to this, the media has managed to create and fan communal hatred among the myriad communities in India.

With growing biases, the media has innovated an extremely heinous term called, “Islamic Terrorism”. Blaming and shaming the entire Muslim community for the faults of a couple of misguided Muslims is becoming the latest Media trend in India and the entire world. Creating terms like “Love Jihad” , negating Islamic customs and traditions, interfering in the Shariah Law, has become the latest evening snack for Media houses.

One such incident occurred very recently at a press conference held for the promotion of the film, “MULK”, which stars Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu in leading roles. A journalist questioned Anubhav Sinha, the director of the film, as to why he thought young Muslim boys joined terrorist outfits?

To which Anubhav Sinha very wittily inquired about whether the journalist actually read newspapers, watched unbiased news. He further answered that we live in a country where politicians welcome rioters out of the jail with blooming garlands.

A hindu politician, welcomed hindu rioters out of the prison with garlands of flowers. These prisoners were jailed for engaging in rioting and communal violence.

Seems like people are finally seeing the light!