Mufti Akhtar Raza Qadri Azhari Among World’s Top 50 Influential Muslims

Mufti Azhari Mian is most influential Muslim of India


8th Aug 2016 Times Headline

Among world’s top 500 influential Muslims, Well known Mufti Akhtar Raza Qadri Azhari, alias Azhari Miyan stands in the rank of top 50 influential Muslims.

The Royal Islamic Strategic Study Centre (RISSC), Oman, in its 2016 listing, let out the complete list of the World’s Top 500 Influential Muslims, in which the 25th ranking spot has been given to Azhari Miyan.

“Among all World renowned famous Muslim personalities, Azhari Miyan has demarcated a special place for himself. He is the only one who has been included in the top 50 list twice.” said Nasir Qureshi, Media Advocate, Jamaat Raza E Mustafa.

In the field of Aalim’s, Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Azhari Khan has been chosen to grace this rank among many Islamic scholars.
He is distinguished scholar of Islam and has written several hundred of books on various Islamic sciences.

Spiritual Tradition:
Most Muslims from the sub-continent can be categorised as Sunni Barelwis (the other major group is known as the Deobandis). This group emphasizes the mystical love of the Prophet ﷺ often expressing this through devotion to a holy personage (who is part of an unbroken chain reaching back to the Prophet ﷺ ), visits to tombs of saints, and use of hamds and naats.

Education and Scholarly Lineage:

Mufti Akhtar Raza received his basic education at Darul Uloom Manzar-e-Islam in Bareilly, India He then went to Al-Azhar University to study tafsir and hadith (1963-1966). Upon graduation, he was awarded the Jamia Azhar Award by Colonel Jamal Abdul Nasir. He then returned to India and has written numerous books, educated hundreds of scholars, and overseen the development of many educational institutes. He also serves as a spiritual guide, having been given permission by his predecessor Mufti Mustafa Raza Khan to lead the Qaadriya, Barakaatiyah, and Nooriyah Sufi orders in India. He was also appointed to the position of Muslim Chief Justice of India in 2006.

Dynamic Mufti:
Mufti Akhtar Raza is esteemed for his extensive collection of English-language rulings, the Azharul Fatawa. He became involved in issuing Islamic rulings from the age of 17 and is noted for having issued over 5,000 rulings.