MSO’s National Delegates meet passes resolutions on AMU, Jamia & Employment

NEW DELHI: India’s largest Muslim student body, ‘Muslim Student Organization of India held its National Delegates Conference in Delhi’s India Islamic Culture Center on 14th October. Several programs were organized in four sessions on the first day of the two-day conference. Many important resolutions were also passed.

At the beginning of the first session of the conference, ASOCHAM UP’s President Rakesh Singh addressed the delegates saying, that the need of the hour is that people become entrepreneurs. He said that there are many sectors in which Muslims have the highest participation, such as the carpet industry, Aligarh lock industry, Moradabad Brass Industries, Banarasi Sarees, but stand unorganised. He emphasised to deal with ones enterprises and institutions in an organized manner.

At the same time the key speaker, AMU’s doctor Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui stressed on education. He said that Qur’an Sharif’s first ayah, Al-Iqra i.e. the first verse of Qur’an Sharif stresses on education and knowledge. The need of the hour is that Muslims should give more emphasis on education. That’s the path that leads to success. He explained the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and spoke about walking on the path of training of Mufti Khalid Ayub, who chaired the conference, said that faith is the strength that makes Muslims Iman strong and is the only way that man would be able to succeed in the world and in the times of darkness. He also raised his voice against hate crime and excesses.

Rohingya Muslims are facing one of the harshest times of crime. At the same conference several proposals were passed. First resolution was regarding, Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia Islamia University of New Delhi, about the safe guarding of minority status. It was said in the proposal that the question of minority status of these two thousand students’ future is interlinked with the minority status of the two Universities,where 40 percent Muslim students are easily enrolled. In such a way, the elimination of the status of these institutions is contrary to the future of Muslim students, the government has to maintain the minority status, so the government should rethink about the minority status.

The second proposal was discussed regarding Najib Ahmed, student of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University. It said that the CBI shall be able to recover Najib Ahmed as soon as possible. Najib’s mother, Nafisa Begum, who was performing outside, has been assured full support by MSO. Proposal states that CBI and Delhi Police have been negligent in the case of Najib. What is the reason that the police and CBI has not been able to find a student for a year?

Welcoming the Supreme Court decision, MSO General Secretary Shujaat Ali Qadri said that the humanitarian aspect should be looked at in the matter. Shujaat said that the victim Rohingya Muslims are in such a situation where all should show humility with their help. On the Palestine issue, Azim Shah said that all the world’s countries are free for Palestine. The voice should be raised. He said that India has always been raising voice for Palestine. From Mahatma Gandhi to the present government, the issue of Palestine should be resolved. Elections will be held on Sunday in the conference and other proposals will be discussed. At the conclusion of the conference, the attendees prayed for peace, peace and prosperity in the country and around the world.


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