MSO urges Eid Meelad un Nabi (SAW) be declared as ‘World Peace Day’

Muslim Students Organisation of India (MSO) is an apex body of Sunni Sufi Muslim Students of India and the largest Sufi Students body of the nation. It has almost one lakh Sufi clerics in its fold while Pan India one million Sufi Students proud to be its member. It has been serving the community and country with a larger goal of creating harmony in the society and reducing the risk of radicalization of Muslim youth and general people of the community.

During the gathering on the auspicious day of Eid Meelad un Nabi (SAW) day on December 2, 2017 at the place mentioned before, the attendant Sufi gathering of the area and from the other parts of India, to propose the demand that Jashne Eid Meelad un Nabi (SAW) must be declared as ‘World Peace Day’.

MSO and its followers/members state that the world history is bifurcated in two specific junctures. Before Prophet Muhammed (SAW) advent and the world after him (SAW). While the world was so ignorant that terrorism, cruelty and killings, racism, gender bias against women were high. He (SAW) came as ‘Rehma’ for human mankind and we see that entire notable research, development and logical science in life came after Hazrat Muhammed (SAW). Thus it is very important to declare ‘World Peace Day’ in memory of birth of Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

MSO and its followers/members mind that Personal Laws referred in the Holy Quraan and Hadith and the Hanafi interpretations are the willful norms of private and personal life of Islamic society of India. Their opinion is that Islamic Personal Laws must be protected as described in Hanafi esteem. Their take is that a uniform civil code could not work for this nations there are so many cultures in this nation and nobody can impose a single ideology.
They disagree with the Centre and counter the claim of the Muslim Law Board saying,
that practices of triple talaq, polygamy and nikah halala cannot be regarded as essential part of religion and hence get no protection under fundamental right to religion. As per the Quran and Hadith, triple talaq is right in principle but according to Islam, pronouncing talaq thrice in one breath is not considered as good and Shariat courts give verdict on these issues in this light.



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