MSO Nizamabad Launches Clean & Green Awareness Program

Nizamabad, Telangana – The Nizamabad unit of country’s largest students and youth organization launched Clean & Green awareness program in the 51 municipal division of Nizamabad town in Telangana.

Clean & Green initiative is launched on the pretext of increasing corona cases in India and more importantly to fend away people from diseases like Typhoid, malaria, dengue etc caused due to water pollution during rainy season which is about to come.

Under the leadership of MSO Nizamabad President Zeeshan Razvi, Dr Irfan, Shaheer and unit volunteer’s surroundings were cleaned and tree plantation program took place.

MSO Nizamabad created awareness among people to clean their surroundings and make sure to not let water logging in rooftops and surroundings.

Along with MSO Nizamabad, leaders of AIMIM party joined campaign and supported the initiative. Mr. Shakeel Fazil (AIMIM town president), Ali Bagbaan (Corporator), Munawwar Ali (Corporator) and Afsar baig (corporator) were among the leaders who participated.

With this initiative MSO Nizamabad is invoking everyone to come forward to clean your surroundings and educate people to increase awareness about the importance of cleanliness and tree plantation.