MSO Kanpur organized a conference on Late Brigadier Usman, ‘The Lion of Naushera’

On behalf of the M.S.O. Kanpur Unit, a conference was organized on the occasion of Brigadier Usman’s birthday on 15th July at Gareeb Nawaz Guest House, Bansmandi following COVID protocols. The conference was promoted by Qazi-e-Shahar Kanpur Mufti Saqib Adeeb Misbahi Sahib and led by Kanpur Unit President Wasik Beg Barkati.

The program was conducted by Mr. Shameem Ashrafi. The program was started by Hafiz Monis Chishti after reciting a verse from the Holy Quran. Abu Ashraf Sahib, State President of M.S.O. explaining the purpose of M.S.O., has said that the main purpose of our organization is to make the Muslim youth educated.

After this Syed Asim Jamal, Director of Talent Hill Academy gave a speech and he talked in detail about education and made the people aware for education citing many ahadiths, he said that children should not only be educated religiously but also be educated and trained very well in worldly education as well.

This was followed by Hayat Zafar Hashmi, National Head, MMA, Jauhar Fans Association,he took the speech and said that Brigadier Mohammad Usman was born on July 15, 1912. He was an Indian military officer. At the time of the partition of India, he refused to join the Pakistan Army along with many other Muslim officers and continued his service with the Indian Army. Hayat Zafar Hashmi further said that Brigadier Usman was appointed to the Indian Army on March 19, 1935. He was posted in the 5th Battalion of the 10th Baloch Regiment. On April 30, 1936, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and on August 31, 1941, to the rank of Captain. He served in Burma in April 1944 and was named Acting Major in the London Gazette on September 27, 1945. He commanded the 14th Battalion of the 10th Baloch Regiment from April 1945 to April 1946. Before independence, Brigadier Usman was in the Baloch Regiment. Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan offered to join the Pakistani army due to his Muslim identity. He was even promised to become the head of the Pakistani army. But he turned down the offer. In January-February 1948, Brigadier Usman inflicted heavy losses on the intruders during a vigorous attack on Naushera and Jhangar. The enemy was in large numbers while the Indian troops were much smaller in numbers. Despite this, the Pakistani invaders suffered heavy losses. Because of this campaign, he was called ‘The lion of Naushera’.

At that time, the Pakistani army had placed a bounty of Rs 50,000 on his head. Brigadier Usman had sworn that he would sleep on the mat till he freed Jhangar from the enemy’s control and he stood by this decision. He drove the enemies out of the area and Jhangar was recaptured. Frightened by this defeat, Pakistan sent its regular army in May 1948. Once again, heavy firing started on Jhangar. The Pakistani army launched several vigorous attacks on Jhangar. But Brigadier Usman did not allow Pak’s dream of capturing Jhangar to come true. Brigadier Usman died on July 3, 1948, during the same attack. His last words were, ‘I am leaving but do not let the enemy occupy the area we were fighting for.’ Brigadier Usman was awarded the ‘Mahaveer Chakra’ for his persuasive leadership and courage.

After this Qazi-e-Shahar Kanpur, Mufti Shakib Adeeb Misbahi Sahib gave the speech and appealed to the people to be educated and said to the people it is still time to get better, repent from bad deeds and do good and virtuous deeds and convince your Lord. After this Hafiz Monis Chishti recited salutations and Qazi-e-Sahar Sahib made duas and the program was concluded. The conference was mainly attended by Adnan Ahmed Barkati, Hafiz Faisal Azhari, Shakib Barkati, Suhail Barkati, Aamir, Suhail, Sahil Khan, Abdul, Faiz Beg, Aziz Ahmed, Raja Ansari etc.


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