MSO Calls “Organisation of Islamic Cooperation” to condemn normalization and to stop the apostasy of opponents and their handover by some member states of the organization to their country’s authorities

Muslim Students Shujaat
Shujaat Ali Quadri,

17 Dec 2020, New Delhi (India). The Muslim Students Organisation of India (MSO), the Largest Students Body of Indian Muslim called on Organization of Islamic Cooperation to stop normalizing with The Israeli occupation state that many Arab and Islamic countries are competing for including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the land of the Two Holy Mosques.

MSO also called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to condemn what Arab countries are doing for what appears to be a prelude to normalization and joining those countries that have signed peace agreements with the occupation state, in addition to mobilizing the body Its senior scholars have issued detailed and on-demand fatwas for what the political leadership wants, pursuing the whims and desires of power and prestige far from the true rulings of Islam.

President of “MSO” Shujaat Ali Quadri, considered that Saudi Arabia is not like any other Arab country, because it is the center of the Islamic world because it includes the holiest of Muslims’ sanctities, the Holy Kaaba, which they accepted in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, the cradle of revelation, the home of the migration of their Prophet ﷺ and his tomb in Medina.

MSO also calls on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to condemn the actions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt in arresting and deporting Uighur Muslims residing on their lands, and extraditing them to China, in clear violation of international covenants and the charter of human rights. It also calls for the release of the detainees, led by the Uyghur Muslim scholar “Hamdallah Abd al-Wali” and his friend “Normet Rosy”, who were detained in the Kingdom, and not to extradite them to China, or to deport them to a third country where they can secure their lives.

MSO urged the members of the organization to stand in the face of repeated abuses against the Messenger of Islam Muhammad, led by France and its president and to address the phenomenon of Islamophobia with the concerned countries at the highest diplomatic levels, and to adopt the defense of Muslims in Europe and Western countries in general, after the escalation of racism and attacks on their rights.


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