MSO called webinar on East Turkistan atrocities

  • Statement of Vice President and Prime Minister of Turkistan
  • Turkistan leaders called Pakistan leadership confused
  • China is destroying our land and culture – Ahad Noor

New Delhi. Our land has been occupied by China and changed its name. We are Eastern Turkistan. It is a country of Central Asia. No country is ready to speak after seeing our suffering. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the exile government of eastern Turkistan and currently living in America.

He was speaking at a webinar of India’s largest Muslim Students Organization of India. Apart from him, East Turkistan Vice President also addressed Indian students at the webinar.

The exiled government also accused Pakistan and Turkey of being a “confused country”.
Prime Minister Saleh Hudayar of the exiled government of Eastern Turkistan said that in 1934 Soviet Union occupied our country. We gained independence from them in 1944. In these four years, we established relations with India and Britain. China occupied our country again in December 1949. The day our country was occupied, our tribal population was 90 percent Muslim. China has conducted 40 nuclear tests so far, killing many of our population. Its side effects are also coming. China holds half a million children hostage. Marriages are done forcefully with our women so that our existence can be ended. So far 1.1 million Chinese have been settled on our land.

China wants to internationalize our country through One Belt One Road initiative. Saleh said that in 1954 it was first made an autonomous region.

Our political powers were taken away. Muslim countries should raise our voice in the Organization of Islamic Countries, OIC. Even once the organization did not raise any voice in favor of our suffering. You cannot even call ‘Assalaam’ in Turkistan. There is a need to pressurise China to make free East Turkistan.

Saleh Hudayar said that till now there is information about the death of our millions but there is no data for it. Many people have died due to nuclear tests. Millions of women were aborted to prevent our population from growing. Currently 3 million people are in construction camp. There are millions of people in prisons. They are raped in jails. Chinese intelligence has killed our people in Turkey. Many of our leaders have been killed by Chinese intelligence in Pakistan, Egypt, Tajikistan and also in Europe. China prevents our people from being one.

In response to a question from Shujat Ali Qadri, the national president of the Muslim Students Organization, Saleh replied that the game that China played in 1949 with Turkistan is playing with Pakistan today. Pakistanis know that it will not benefit but he is silent. We have cultural connections with Turkey and Central Asia but are silent because of Chinese gimmicks. In 1955, he broke the treaty with Turkistan and stripped our country of autonomy. When we were free there were 5 percent people of China origin, today this number is 40 percent. In the name of CPAC, they are giving 60 billion dollars to Pakistan, but Pakistan is not getting more than 2 billion dollars. Pakistanis are being fooled by China. Turkistan’s name comes from Turkey. Turkey is also like Pakistan.

He said that our displaced Diaspora arrange money and political support for us. Our friends also live in India. Like the Tibetan people, we are carrying forward our struggle. Whether it was the struggle of Prophet Muhammad or you would see the struggle of Gandhiji, initially they had nothing. We do not dream of freedom on the basis of Caliphate. We feel that we will be able to re-establish ourselves on the strength of humanity and equality. Every one of us is a political prisoner. If it is a concentration camp, it is a prison.

Abdul Ahad Noor, the vice-president of the current exile government of present-day Xinjiang, China, said that China’s persecution is very heavy. Islam and Muslims have been under attack ever since they took possession. First they killed politicians and then religious leaders. Now China is targeting everyone. All my relatives are either in jail or are in concentration camp. This happened when we were in Turkey in 1999. Now China has come out openly against Islam and common Turkistan Muslims. This terror is increasing at the rate of daily. The Chinese government has banned the keeping of Qur’an, teaching and Islamic names on Muslims. The brain of the younger generation is being changed. There they are being taught to worship Xi Jinping.

The Chinese government wants to end our identity. Wants to end cultural and religious identity. The goal of the Chinese government is to eliminate all identity through genocide. East Turkistan does not consider China as a government. China is the aggressor. We want the Islamic world to speak in our favor, but the entire Islamic society is silent. We have been living here for 6 thousand years. The Uygar tribe adopted Islam only in 964 AD. The city of Kashgar was called the second Bukhara according to Islamic culture. We are not Chinese. He has taken illegal possession.

Very emotional Abdul Ahad Noor said that the mosques, graveyards of Turkistani Muslims aka Uygar tribe also been captured. Our women are forced to marry communist men. Religious freedom has been abolished. Islamic cultural dress of women is also banned. There is a ban on offering prayers in homes. We cannot name our children according to Islam. Our homes and neighborhoods are monitored by CCTV.

China’s official statement that “there is ideological evil in Islam. It should be eliminated.” That is why they have destroyed our system of education. Due to Chinese education, our people are also becoming communists and many Turkistan intellectuals are getting confused. Our intellectuals are turning away from our side. The people of Turkistan are 99 percent Sunni Hanafi and therefore do not have Wahhabi influence in our region. China is trying to make a copy of the Qur’an. But we know that he will not be able to succeed.

In response to a question by Shujaat Qadri, Noor said that Pakistan does not raise our voice. He denied the influence of Wahhabism in Turkistan, stating that he is a Sufi Sunni Hanafi people and does not believe in Wahhabism.

Turkistan government-in-exile also tweeted praising the Muslim Students Organization for giving time and listening.


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