MSO Amethi Unit Organized Conference on “Aman ka Paigham Insaniyat Ke Naam”

Today, on 30th November, “Aman ka Paigham Insaniyat Ke Naam” conference was organized at Khanqah Gulzaria Kishni, Jagdishpur, Amethi under the aegis of the Muslim Student Organization of India (MSO) Amethi Unit. The conference was represented by Maulana Abul Aas Hasan, Sajjada Nasheen, Khanqah Gulzaria, Kishni. The conference was carried out by Abu Ashraf Saeedi, President, MSO, U.P.

Speaking at the conference, Maulana Aas, while explaining the meaning of the word Muslim, said that the meaning of Muslim is to be in peace and that person can never be a Muslim, so that anyone can be harmed. He condemned the terror, and expressed the view that the true Muslim should beware of those who incite terror. He said that there is a need that today we should come out openly against terrorism and do not let any such efforts succeed by running a campaign against it.

Master Arif asked all Muslims, especially Sunni brothers, to clear their hearts and minds and adopt love and brotherhood in their lives and follow the ideals of the Prophet.

Abu Ashraf Saeedi, pointing to the growing intolerance in the society, said that Islam teaches to live in harmony with all people in the society, so we have to maintain brotherhood among all people. Attacking terrorism, he criticized it and urged all Muslim brothers to be wary of any inducements, provocative statements or rumors that attract them to fundamentalist thought streams. At the same time, he called upon to be aware of rumors propagated by multimedia.

Other speakers also talked about maintaining peace, brotherhood in the society. The conference mainly features Shoaib, the village head Kishni; Abrar Ahmed, former Zilla Panchayat member; Lallan, former head Kishni; Mohammed Abdul Wafa, Manager, Madrasa Gulzaria, Kishni etc. Hundreds of people participated. The conference took special care of social distancing, mask and hand sanitization under the COVID-19 protocol.


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