MSO against UAE-Israel deal, calls it normalization

New Delhi. New Delhi. Muslim Students Organisation (MSO) called UAE Israel deal a normalization of Zionist tyranny over Palestinians and accepting the annexation of the Jerusalem.

MSO National President Shujaat Ali Quadri said in an statement that this agreement is an attempt to enforce the ‘deal of the century’ that aims to liquidate Palestinian national rights, it represents a denial of Palestinian, Arab and Islamic rights in our opinion. The deal was “a free gift to Israel” and was made to help the re-election of Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the cost of Palestine.

In a letter to UAE Ambassador in India, MSO wrote “There’s no reasonable justification for it except that it gives more power to the occupation and increases its crimes against the Palestinians. The format of the agreement implicitly approves of Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem. It only opposes ‘further annexation’ while approving what’s been annexed already.”

“Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan wish, who ruled Abu Dhabi for more than 30 years before his death in 2004, had always been a strong supporter of the Palestinians. We do not expect the move from such a great legacy.” Statement said.


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