Mosques To be opened for Alvida and Eid ul Fitr, across the country for common prayers

Bareilly: A meeting was held with the core Committee members of Jamat on Sunday under the social distancing. Meeting was Headed by National Vice President of Jamat Raza e Mustafa Hazrat Salman Mian at the head office of the Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa in Sunni Barelvi Markaz Dargah Ala Hazrat.

In the meeting, Hazrat Salman Mian has asked Hukumat-e-Hind to open mosques across the country for common devotees on namaz e Alvida (Jumma) and Eid-ul-Fitr, permission shall be granted for offering Prayers in mosques across the country.

So that Muslims can offer their Alvida (Jumma) and Eid prayers in mosques, because the festival of Alvida (Jumma) and Eid-ul-Fitr comes once a year, in which whether children or old people everyone feels pleasure to offer namaz in the mosque in the morning.

Looking at the conditions of today’s time and seeing the pandemic like Corona virus in order to make the ongoing lockdown successful in the country, we have cared for our Hindustan ,Sunni Barelvi Markaz Dargah Ala Hazrat requested people to offer prayers in limited numbers inside mosques . And the rest of the people had announced to pray by staying at their respective homes.

Muslims have always sacrificed for their country, today it was seen again that Muslims sacrificed their jumma(Friday)and also the special prayer called namaz e Taraweeh in the month of Ramadan kareem , but now with the rule of our country we request that our mosques should be opened for common prayers and we should be allowed to pray in them specially Namaz e alvida & Eid ul Fitr.

Whereas on the one hand, due to this deadly pandemic like Corona virus, most wholesale shops can be opened in the midst of the lockdown going on across the country, students of Kota can be brought, laborers and passengers across the trains can be brought, more than five people are filled in the same room in the name of Quarantine and liquor contracts are opened in the whole country, where the whole lockdown and social concerns raised apart two things distensing order.

Due to the huge rush on liquor contracts, the risk of spreading corona virus in the country increased. When you can be allowed to open anything including liquor contracts, forgetting the risk of corona virus, and there can be seen violation of the rules made by the government itself, then in the mosques, Muslims will pray in which a Prayer will not take more than five minutes(5 mins).

In such a situation, with the Prime Minister of the country, we request the Chief Minister of the state to allow the opening of things other than the contract of liquor where the social distancing is broken and the fear of the corona virus is spreading in the country. Mosques should also be opened for general prayers and permission should be granted to offer (namaz) prayers in them. The mosque is the house of Allah, no disease can come in the house of Allah. And this is a disease that is not under human control, it is clearly seen, but it is only and only in the hands of allah, for this it is necessary to ibadat and pray.

If things are opening along with the liquor shops then it is better that mosques should be opened as soon as possible, in which the Khususi(special)Dua would performed for disappearing a fatal disease like Corona virus in the namaz e Alvida (Jumma) and namaz e Eid-ul-Fitr . Mainly Subhan Hasan Khan, Shamim Khan Sultani, Samran Khan, Dr. Mehndi Hasan, Hafiz Ikram Raza Khan, Shamim Ahmed, moin khan ,Maulana Nizam, Etc are present on this occasion.


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