Gorakhpur: Some goons citing lockdown violation vandalized a mosque in Bankata village in UP’s Gorakhpur district on Sunday. Two persons were allegedly injured in a scuffle followed after the incident.

According to the information, As soon as the Muezzin called the Azan at Garib Nawaz Mosque of Bankata village in the afternoon, some people come to mosque and started committing a ruckus while talking about not offering Namaz in the mosque.

“As soon as the Azan (Muslim call for prayer) was called, 5 to 6 persons came to mosque and started ruckus alleging the lockdown violation. although only two persons offered the prayer as per guidelines”, locals said.

Mosque neighborhood said that the mike was not working for several days and they have already sought the permission for calling Azan from local police station. They have also alleged that some people entered into mosque and slammed the sound box on the ground.

In an unverified video footage that has since emerged on social media, the mosque is seen vandalized and books (presumably religious texts) lying on the ground.

Seeing all this, Sonu Ali, a resident of mosque neighborhood put a latch from outside the mosque and informed the police. After which the people who entered inside jumped the boundary wall of the mosque.

SP South Vipul Srivastava said that the situation has become normal. Some people have created a furore in misunderstanding. The matter has been resolved by explaining to both the parties.

The accused are absconding from the village and police is looking for them.

Source: The Shabab


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