On 26th July Monday, the city of Moradabad hosted a Sunni Barelvi Conference to create awareness and to spread knowledge about the Ahl E Sunnah school of thought and what Islam truly means, in the light of recent terror occurrences around the globe.
The international scenario is filled with instances of bombings, murders, coups, killing and shootings, many of which have been hailed by the ISIS. ISIS, which calls itself the representative of Muslims and masks its heinous crimes under the name of “Jihad”, is the main reason why Muslims are looked down upon across the world over.

The Sunni Barelvi Conference, ideated by Ahsan Raza Khan Qadri, Sajjadanasheen (Head) of Dargah Ala Hazrat and saw noted clerics such as Maulana Sagheer Ahmed Jokhanpuri, explaining to the Sunni Barelvis, the harm caused to Islam by extremist ideologies. Others present at the conference were eminent scholars, the Sajjadanasheen of Khanqah Aalia Barkatiya Nooriya Marehra Shareef, Hazrat Sayyed Najib Miyaan, Hazrat Sayyed Amaan Miyaan, Hazrat Sultan Miyaan from Ajmer Shareef.

The event commenced with verses of The Holy Quran being recited by Qari Rizwan and was taken over by Qari Yusuf Raza. The conference matured into the memoir of the notable scholar of Bareilly, Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi and his countless efforts towards the spread of Islam, brotherhood and peace. Stating the fact that after all his efforts, Barelvis should take up the charge to ensure world peace in whichever way they can.

At the conference, Mufti Saleem Noori said that in today’s day and age of war and bloodshed, only Khanqahs and Dargahs can help maintain harmony. Highlighting the recent unrest in Kashmir, he said that the situation in Kashmir is a situation of internal concern and does not involve Pakistan, China or any other country for that matter. He also said, “We should demand that our government make all necessary efforts to establish peace and harmony in Kashmir, as they too are our brothers and sisters.”

In a statement to Times Headline, Hassan Raza Khan ( Sajjadanasheen of Khanqah Tehsinia) said, “The Conference was organized to bring to notice the fact that Sunni Barelvis, which consist of 80% of the Muslim population in India, lack adequate representation in the Indian Governmental Bodies.”

Hassan Raza Khan also said, “The Sunni Barelvis are of a very keen interest to safeguard the Sunni ideology, which is being disregarded by those who follow the radicalist sects.”

Saeed Noori, General Secretary, Raza Academy, Mumbai, said to our news organization that, “All Khanqahs, around the world should unite against terrorism and form a binding alliance of peace, love and brotherhood which is promoted in Islam. We only want the world to be a more peaceful place and urge our fellow Sunni muslims to support the cause of restoration and protection of Dargahs and Mazaars which have been destroyed by extremist forces. We Sunni Barelvis have great affection in our hearts for the Sufi Saints who have guided us to follow the true path of Islam and our Holy Prophet and we will not support anyone who disregards our saints.”

The conference saw massive beaming crowds, who carefully listened to the maulanas present from several Khanqahs of our country and supported the cause of peace and harmony.

– Tarushi Aswani