Mohan Bhagwat asks RSS to be ready for ‘Mahabharat’

LUCKNOW: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has allegedly asked RSS and its supporters to be ready for ‘Mahabharata’, if they want to establish Hindutva. To prove his statements, Bhagwat gave examples of all violence and wars. He established the need of the Mahabharata linking it to the establishment of Hindutva.

He said that absolute compassion and non-violence has been preached by Lord Buddha. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna to all of mankind. So each worker will have to work on the basis of positive thinking.

Bhagwat on Sunday Niralanagar’s, Saraswati Auditorium in Lucknow addressed the workers saying that the Hindutva ideology is not against anyone. Hinduism is not against any malice and love for everyone, trust and intimacy to all only is Hindutva.

Bhagwat asserted that the Sangh shall do whatever it takes to reinstate Hindutva.  He explained that the union organization of Hindu society will do everything it takes for the Hindu culture and society, with the help of volunteers and supporters. Union workers should try to fall in line with the Union ideology. He took his stand on the behalf of the organisation and said, “We are volunteers of the association. Union is an organization of Hindu society. We work to preach the message of Bharat Mata in the world.”

Bhagwat said Hindutva ideology is not against anyone, he said,”We work for the country. Hinduism is not a ritual. This philosophy is based on spirituality and truth”. He said that, Hindus should become self reliant and work towards helping others in the society.


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