Modi warns Indian media on abusing freedom, says it’s criminal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday warned media personnel saying that anyone abusing the press freedom was criminal. Speaking at the 75th anniversary of a newspaper, Modi said, “Editorial freedom must be used wisely in public interest.

The freedom to write, does not include the freedom to be ‘factually incorrect’. Mahatma Gandhi said: “The press is called the Fourth Estate. It is definitely a power, but, to misuse that power is criminal.”

He added, “Even though media may be owned by private individuals, it serves a public purpose. As scholars say, it is an instrument to produce reform through peace, rather than by force. Hence, it has as much social accountability as the elected government or the judiciary.

Today, every citizen analyses & attempts to verify the news that comes to him through multiple sources. Media, therefore, must make an extra effort to maintain credibility. Healthy competition among credible media platforms is also good for the health of our democracy.”

Source: Janta Ka Reporter


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