PM causing tremendous damage to India’s economy, Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi strongly criticize Prime Minister Narendra Modi in United State on Tuesday. He has targeted on the economic policies, that badly damaged the Indian economy.  He said, “tremendous damage” to India’s economy with “reckless and dangerous” decisions like demonetisation and a “hastily-applied” GST.

Congress vice-President Rahul Gandhi, who reached US on Monday for Two-weak tour. During the addressing of Student in University of California, he said that the decision of 8 November was perfectly reckless, even, it was decided without asking the Chief Economic Advisor and Parliament, which ”caused tremendous damage to the economy.”

“Ignoring India’s tremendous institutional knowledge and taking such decisions is reckless and dangerous,” he alleged.

The Vice President said 30,000 new youngsters were joining the job market every single day and the government was only creating 500 jobs a day. “This does not include the massive pool of already employed youngsters. The decline in economic growth today is leading to an upsurge of anger in the country. The government’s economic policies demonetisation and hastily-applied GST have caused tremendous damage.”

He said that numerouses small business has wiped out because of demonetization, farmers and many who used cash were the biggest victim. Demonetization “a completely self-inflicted wound” that caused approximately 2 per cent loss of the GDP.



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