Migrant Couple Leaves for Home After Job Loss, Woman Admitted to Hospital After 8-day Walk

Ramesh had worked as a labourer in construction sites in Delhi for over a year but lost his job in the pandemic.

Penniless and starving in Delhi, a couple had started walking towards their home in Bhopal after they lost work as labourers. Eight days later, the man was found wailing on a road in Agra on Tuesday as the health of his 38-year-old wife deteriorated. Narrating his ordeal, 40-year-old Ramesh claimed that on the advice of some locals he took his wife, Kiran, to S N Medical College but could not get her admitted there as money was demanded from him and he had none.

His wife was finally admitted to the hospital following the intervention of some local mediapersons. However, S N Medical College’s spokesperson Dr Mridul Chaturvedi told PTI, “This case was not in my notice. I will enquire about it and also find out who did not allow him to get his wife admitted.” “He (Ramesh) should have contacted the seniors and apprised them about the situation,” he said.

Ramesh said that he worked as a labourer in construction sites in Delhi for over a year. “The supervisor of a construction company used to help us in getting work. I survived the first lockdown, as the supervisor helped us financially. But during the second wave of COVID-19, he succumbed to the diseases,” Ramesh told PTI.

“After his death, the owner did not give us any work neither the money due to us. The small amount of money left with us ran out soon,” he said. It was then that the couple decided to leave for their hometown in Bhopal.

According to Ramesh, as they reached Mathura, Kiran’s condition started deteriorating as they both had not eaten properly and were living at the mercy of locals. On Tuesday, they reached Agra. the Kiran had a stomach ache and was unable to move. “Locals suggested that I take her to SN Medical College. But at the emergency ward I was asked for money so we came out of the hospital,” Ramesh said. After his wife got admitted to the hospital, he said that once she regains her health, they will continue with their onward journey.

Source: News18


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