Meet fashion designing student Merab who works as KFC rider to support family

A fashion designing student Merab who hails from Pakistan is beating all odds and marching towards her goal of launching her own fashion brand. She works as a KFC rider to cover her college expenses and support her family.

The story of the Pakistani girl grabbed the attention of many netizens after Fizza Ijaz, who as per her LinkedIn profile works as a marketing manager at Unilever, shared the struggle of Merab.

As per the post shared by Ijaz, Meerab is from Youhanabad, Lahore. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Fashion Designing and does her night duty as a KFC rider to cover her college expenses, her mother’s medical bills, and support her family.

Though Merab is working hard to support her education and family, she doesn’t have to worry about her college fee as it is being taken care of by the KFC Education Foundation.

Her plan is to continue as a KFC rider for the next three years until she completes her education and launches her own fashion brand.

As soon as Ijaz shared the story of Merab, the post went viral on netizens. Many of them are even offering financial assistance and academic guidance.

Students like Meerab is an inspiration for all those who want to pursue education despite financial constraints.

Source: Siasat Daily


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