Maneka Gandhi drops another bomb, says those who vote for me will get priority for work

Just a day after Maneka Gandhi was caught on camera warning Muslim voters to vote for her in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the BJP leader made another controversial statement in a rally in Sultanpur today.

Union Minister and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi on Sunday made another controversial statement in a rally in Sultanpur. She announced the ABCD category system to demarcate voters and accordingly reward them after the elections.

According to Maneka Gandhi’s proposed idea, those villages which cast 80 per cent votes to the BJP will be under category A. Those which cast 60 per cent votes in favour of BJP will be category B.

Those villages in which Maneka Gandhi loses and records less than 50 per cent votes will come under category C. Finally, those villages which record less than 30 per cent votes in her favour will be in category D.

As per the category system, the villages will be prioritised for developmental work based on the category they belong to.

“When the work will begin, 80 per cent of the work will be done for category A villages, then 60 per cent for the rest of the people,” Maneka Gandhi said.

Maneka Gandhi said that they have implemented this category system in Pilibhit as well.

She further shared a number with the crowd and said that they could talk to her directly.

It comes just a day after a video went viral on social media which showed Maneka Gandhi telling a group of Muslims to vote for her in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 or else they would not receive any help when she is the lawmaker.

Maneka Gandhi was addressing a gathering in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur, where she is contesting on a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ticket.

Maneka Gandhi also said that she would anyway win the Lok Sabha elections from Sultanpur with or without Muslim votes.