Maharshtra Wakf Board Chairman Resigns


AURANGABAD: With just two days to go for the no confidence  motion and State Wakf board Chairperson and Congress loyalist  MM Shaikh has resigned from his post of State Wakf Board Chief on Tuesday . Eight out of 10 members were expected to vote against Shaikh. The charge of chairman has been given Shyam Tagade, principal secretary, minority affairs department and joint secretary of the minority affairs department.

A number of wakf activists and muslim organizations fighting for wakf restoration rights were angry with the appointment of Shaikh as the Chairperson  alleging Shaikh himself was an illegal buyer of wakf property and broken all records of corruption in selling illegally the legal land of muslim wakf to the organized crime syndicate of builders and corporate companies in Maharashtra.

The Board members against M M Shaikh had alleged that he abused the power of the post and indulged in corrupt deal and nepotism. Shaikh has no morals and credibility and never help the muslims in wakf matters. Such type of people have been promoted by the previous governments to completely eliminate the economical rise of muslims, the members alleged.

Wakf activists in Aurangabad said that Wakf properties in Maharashtra are estimated to be worth over Rs 1 lakh crore which has been been systematically and illegally occupted  by corrupt muslims trustees ( absolute criminals )  in league with the mercantile community of Maharashtra. The rich people kept the muslims busy in emotive issues of dress, beard, burqa and robbed them of their legal land and made them poor and destitute and later branded them as terrorist so that their crimes remain hidden from the muslims.

However, the conspiracy of sponsorship of capitalist rich people in robbing wakf lands and branding them in fake terror cases has been exposed, they said. A large number of wakf activists are fighting and winning legal cases against wakf mafia which primarily comprises of corrupt muslims and their educated builders who hide behind their backs and loot muslims. The conspiracy stands exposed and jail awaits them in 2019, wakf activists said.

Source: Beyond Headlines