Sunni Ijtema, annual gathering of Sunni Muslims at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan has begun

By Times Headline Writer

Sunni Ijtema, an annual gathering of Sunni Muslims at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan has been organised on Friday. The event has witnessed more than 50,000 women for the three-day conference.  Around two lakh people are expected to take part in the event on Saturday and Sunday.

Every year, Sunni Ijtema is organised by Sunni Dawate Islami, a non-political organisation. This year, the first day was reserved for women.

Sunni ulema, Islamic scholars and well-known speakers, from India and abroad, have been invited to speak on the Islamic knowledge and teachings.

Eminent scholar of Jamia Ashrafia, Mubarakpur, Mufti Nizamuddin Razavi, spoke about marriages and divorce. He expressed his views: “We need to educate ourselves first. Others can encroach upon our rights if we lack educational expertise. The main issue is that we are lagging behind owing to lack of education. We should do some introspection.”

Aliya Thakur, 18, a participant, said people don’t know the religion in detail. “There are some rules and regulations in every religion which should be determined and followed accordingly,” she said. “Religious teachings and preaching prevent person from going awry. Women are treated on a par with men from the very start in Islam.”

Another college student, Qudsiya Khan, 16, said the rights of women are the same as men in the community. “Teenage is a fragile age. Islamic teachings enable us to stay away from the evils that this age comes with,” Khan said.