‘Governments can change, Shariat Won’t Change’: Raza Academy

Protest at Kotergate, Bhiwandi.

MUMBAI: In their petition against disapproval of the Uniform Civil Code and its affect on Muslim Personal Laws, Raza Academy(Bhiwandi) has received the supportive signatures of 2.5 lacs Muslims who wish that there shall be no change in the Shariah or the Islamic Law.

The support of these 2.5 lac Muslims displays unity and solidarity towards the Shariah that the Muslim Community has.

Yesterday, on 9th November, thousands gathered at a mosque in Kotergate, Bhiwandi to support the Raza Academy in its initiative.

These forms that have been signed in Bhiwandi are the beginning of the protest that the Academy wishes to wage to protect the Shariat under General Secretary Shakeel Raza.


With Raza Academy voicing the concerns of the Muslim community, it is very evident that there concern appears more serious than reforms of currency and politicization of other issues.

The way the five fingers of our hand are not uniform, the same way every citizen belonging to one country cannot be considered uniform, so how does one propose to bring a ‘Uniform Civil Code’ for people so diverse in cultural and ethnic communities.



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