Madrassa Principal Prevents Riot-like situation in Delhi

Madrassa Principal Ali Rukman.

NEW DELHI: Rule of hatred would’ve taken over in West Delhi’s Prem Nagar, if it hadn’t been that one person whose wisdom calmed the raging fire.

Indeed, the 52-year-old Ali Rukman revealed that when he came to know that his son in law, Abdul Khalid and another man Ali Hassan were attacked by group of Gau Rakshaks, he was very angry and worried. Both men were travelling with the buffalo meat that was sacrificed on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha in the vehicle.

In response to this event , raging crowd came storming to Rukman , who then told the crowd that it was an internal family matter and there was no need of outsiders to interfere in it.

Rukman told TOI, “Before settling here 25 years ago, I have seen a lot of fights in my native city of Gorakhpur. I know what kick-starts a fight and how it would harm people on both sides. I do not want such a situation to occur or harm people.”

Two days after the attack on Rukman, he realized that it was a planned conspiracy to incite a riot. “The incident that happened was by a religious group of some miscreants.” The Prem Nagar madrassa teacher Mohammed Ikram, said: “We already had an idea that such an incident is going to happens.”

Others alleged that the three young men in the area the last few days here have been trying to break the peace. Rukman said their sacrifice are always behind closed doors so that they may not hurt the sentiments of the people of the other community. They also try to suppress the scream of cattle when the sacrifice is being performed.

“We even try to muffle the cries of the animals and use up most body parts.” said Ali Rukman.

Ikram said they were taking out the animal remains covered with gunny bags late in the evening as a precaution against troublemakers.

Source : Navbharat Times


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