Legal Empowerment Workshop at Jaipur by MSO with UKF and Lawzgrid


Jaipur. Muslim Student Organization of India Jaipur Unit organised a free legal advice camp in Jaipur on Friday 27th April, 2018 at HERA Public School in association with #Lawzgrid & Uniserve Knowledge Foundation. The purpose of the legal aid workshop was to create awareness among people for their rights, duties and liabilities. The idea behind the workshop was to provides legal assistance to those who cannot afford professional legal services at rates affordable to them. UKF and MSO joined hands to create legal awareness among people and they were ably supported by Lawzgrid team, which promised to provide quality legal services at affordable cost.

Speaking at the event, Shri Shujaat Ali Quadri, President of Muslim Student Organization introduced the Legal experts and the Lawzgrid team to the people present at the team. While introducing the team he talked about the commitment of Uniserve Knowledge Foundation to spread the light of knowledge and awareness to every corner of the Country. He also talked about the promised made by Shri Kishore Gogar to provide free legal consultancy to people of Jaipur on weekends. He informed the public that senior legal and finance professional like Kishore Ji wants to contribute to the society and put his appreciation on record for the gracious offer of his precious time to empower people of Jaipur with his valuable time.


Shri Kishore Gogar, Chief Controller, SPECTRA thanked Shujaat for his kind words and affirmed his commitment to provide legal support to the needy. He told the gathering that this is the least he could do for the city where he lives. He advised people to think about legal problems with calm brain and find out best solutions if possible by mediation and resort to litigation only in extreme cases. He told people that he admire the initiative taken by UKF, MSO and Lawzgrid to connect lawyers to people who need them by providing much needed connecting link through technology platform which lists lawyers with their skills sets, location and other factors on their platform i.e. Lawzgrid.

Shri Kumar Aniket, Secretary, UKF and Founder of Staava Consultancy greeted the people and lked about their legal rights and offered his support whenever needed. He thanked Shujaat for his support in organizing the workshop. He further said that it was Shujaat who advised him to consider counselling people in rural areas and urban slum areas, hearing out the issues and problems and giving legal solutions to the issues and problems and giving legal solutions to them.

#UKF is an organisation dedicated to sharing of knowledge and helping everyone to turn India into a knowledge based society. Legal Empowerment of people by advising them about their legal rights and offering quality services at affordable rates is joint initiative of UKF and Lawzgrid and he thanked Lawzgrid team for their support and sponsorship of the event. This legal Empowerment workshop aimed to give people access to quality legal brains free of cost. #Lawzgrid affirmed their commit to legal empowerment by making quality legal resources available at affordable cost.

Shri Manish Chandra, Founder of Lawzgrid informed people that his Lawzgrid application is a technology platform to connect people with local lawyers backed by Lawzgrid guarantee to provide quality services at affordable rates. He informed people that Lawzgrid spends time in helping lawyers by connecting them with best legal brains in the country associated with Lawzgrid to enable them to provide better services. He told people that at the request of Shri Shujaat Quadri he has build a hindi version of Lawzgrid application to help people as masses of the country speak Hindi. He introduced everyone to his team members who helped people in downloading Lawzgrid applications on their mobile and trained them in using the mobile application. He told people that they can raise their queries on various laws anytime they please through the Lawzgrid Application and promised that their legal team will respond to all these queries free of cost.


Lastly, the Lawzgrid team of legal experts comprising of Shri Kishore Gogar, Shri Kumar Aniket, Shri Haridatta Sharma spent time with people and offered legal advice based on their queries. Shri Khalid Ayub Misbahi, renowned Islamic Scholar sat with them to guide queries having religious angles and Muslim personal law. Shri Haridatta Sharma offered legal advice on consumer laws.




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