Law fest Lex Fiesta begun at Department of Law AMU Malappuram from 19th November

The Aligarh Muslim University Centre Malappuram, Department of Law, Law Society has begun its annual Law Fest this year under title Lex Fiesta The fest will continue from 19th November to 26th November.

Faculty in-charge of the fest Dr. Shahnawaz Ahmad Malik and Ms. Neelam Faizan said that the objective of the fest is to enhance the skills of the students and to give them a stimulating experience in varied areas of the legal profession. The fest also aims to improve the competitive spirit in an innovative process of mind and deal with learning aspects of legal education.

The events in the fest are designed in such a way that different facts of learning are highlighted and it will be ecstasy to discover the talent amongst the students. The following events will take place:

  1. Essay Writing
  2. Judgment Criticism
  3. Legal Quiz
  4. Inter- Department Cross-Examination Debate
  5. Client Counseling
  6. Online Article Writing
  7. Moot court Competition

The Law fest begun on Monday 19th with event of Essay writing competition and judgement Criticism under the student organisers, Additional Secretary – Shubhanshu Das and Secretary of Legal writing club- Aamir Faisal of Law Society 2019.

November 20th second day was based on legal Quiz Competition.main organisers were Ritik Panwar, Syed Muhammad Tyyab, Amrendra and Imran Khan and Shah Momin.

The fest will be concluded on 26th Nov 2019 on Constitution day. Director AMUMC Dr. Faisal KP and Coordinator of Law Mr. Ghalib Nashter have congratulated the Law Society for organising week full of such a wonderful events.


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