Kushinagar Tragedy: UP CM says,”Narebazi band karo, nautanki band karo”


Kushinagar (UP): UP CM Yogi Adityanath has faced angry protests when he reached the spot of collission of train and school van which left 13 children dead. The crowd has raised slogans against railway authority and also against the local authorities. Adityanath while trying to pacify the crowd said something “controversial”. He said using a mega phone,”Narebazi band karo, nautanki band karo” (stop raising slogans, stop this d stop this drama). I have come here to express my sympathies,” he said.

This incident has shocked the people protesting there. The protesters have then expressed shock over the statement of UP CM. After the chief minister’s quote became a big controversy, the government tried to clear the air. The government said his ire was not directed at the parents of the victims but at others raising slogans at the site.

The protesters were not satisfied and some of them squatted on the railway track. The protesters were demanding posting of railway personnel at the unmanned crossing to avoid such accidents. Bar Council members also complained about the irresponsible attitude of the District hospital staff. As soon as they saw 13 bodies, senior officials of district hospital at Kushinagar referred four injured children and the driver to BRD Hospital without even administering first aid,” members of the Bar Council complained to the chief minister, according to an official.