Kidnapped Child Released At Nepal-Bihar Border


At 5 am this morning, the parents of a five-year-old child kidnapped last week from Bihar were finally able to hold her in their arms. A ransom call had warned that would not be possible unless they paid 25 crores.

Bhanu Agarwal and his wife rushed to the Nepal border late last night with senior police officers from Katihar, where their daughter Sparsh was abducted as she was on her way home from school.

Bhanu Agarwal is a prominent local businessman.

Last week, his daughter was on her way home in her school bus when two men told the driver that her parents had asked them to collect her because they needed her at home in a hurry.The driver consented because he recognized one of the two men asking for Sparsh as a former  bus driver for the same school. The abductors rode away with Sparsh on a motorcycle and then moved her to a Tata Sumo which they used to cross into Nepal. The child was kept near Viratnagar in Nepal.

Two days later, the Agarwals received a ransom call for 25 crores; it was later traced to the cellphone of Santosh Yadav, whose father, Naresh Yadav is a former parliamentarian and a member of the Congress.The former parliamentarian’s arrested son provided information that helped identify where Sparsh was being kept. The Nepal police then escorted the child to the border this morning. She was allowed to pass through the minute the check posts opened where her parents were waiting.


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