This all drama is because i adopted Islam: Hadia


Hadia, after facing a lot of troubles after marrying a Muslim, said that the whole controversy was due to her adoption of Islam. The Supreme Court has canceled the verdict of the Kerala High Court and reinstate her marriage. After the Supreme Court’s decision, Hadia will now be able to live with her husband Shafi.

Hadiya, who reached Kozhikode on Saturday, met her husband, said, “The constitution gives us the freedom to choose our religion, which is the basic right of all citizens. This whole controversy took place because I had adopted Islam.” Hadiya said that after this judgement we feel that we have attained independence. It was only PFI, which helped us in our difficult times. What was surprising was that two Muslim organizations refused to help us.

Remember, after adopting Islam in January 2016,Hadia married a Muslim man named Shafin. But some Hindu fundamentalist organisation claimed that her conversation into Islam is forcible. This has led her marriage into dispute. While hearing the petition of Hadiya’s father KM Ashokan, the Kerala High Court dismissed the marriage of Hadia and Shafin. Supreme Court has now cancelled the judgement of the Kerala High Court.