Kejriwal demands Probe for Amit Shah’s links with CBI officials

Kejriwal has demanded that a probe be led into the suspicious linkage between Amit Shah and CBI.

NEW DELHI: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday demanded that an investigation be led on the linkage between the Central Bureau of Investigation and BJP’s Amit Shah. Kejriwal’s call for the probe came following the suicide note recovered after the suicide of B K Bansal and his son, at their residence. Kejriwal went on social networking site Twitter and expressed his grief and anger at the incident. He called for the immediate arrest of CBI officer Sanjiv Gautam and called for a probe into the alleged links with Amit Shah. Accusing Shah, Kejriwal said that the whole nation knows about the criminal background of Amit Shah.

In the suicide note, Bansal had alleged that the DIG threatened him about his wife and daughter. The note stated that, “Teri wife aur daughter ka wo haal karenge ki sunne wale kaanp jaayenge (such things will be done to your wife and daughter that it will send shivers down the spine of those who hear of it),” In response to these allegations,Shrikant Sharma, BJP spokesperson said that nobody can stop anyone from taking or blaming names. He said that many “frauds” use the name of their office.

Meanwhile, CBI spokesperson RK Gaur responded to the situation and said that the CBI had received communications from the Delhi police regarding the notes of B K Bansal and his son, Yogesh Bansal. He acknowledged that the note contained allegations of certain CBI officials in the case of the on-going bribery investigation against B K Bansal. In the note Bansal had demanded an inquiry against the officers he had named. The CBI , in response, said that it would investigate the allegations against its officers.