Footballer-turned-militant Majid Irshad Khan surrenders


Srinagar. A week after Majid Irshad announced on Facebook of joining the militant rank, a young man from Anantnag town, a promising footballer, surrendered before army along with the weapon in south Kashmir.

Official sources said that Majid Irshad Khan, who was seen brandishing a rifle on the social media, surrendered before 1st RR last Thursday night.  Locals said that Majid when not playing for the local football team used to work for a charity in the area.

As per police, Irshad had made contact with overground militant workers and joined Lashkar-e-Taiba.  He also showed up with an AK-47 at the funeral of a militant who was killed in an encounter in Khund. The surrender follows a video of Majid’s mother Asyia crying, asking him to return home. The video had gone viral. Later his friends joined the chorus with one of them writing on his Facebook: “Please come back Majid Soba… We love you… Your parents, friends and relatives are waiting for you. We will support you… Please come back.



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