Dialogue only way to resolve the issues of Valley: PDP


Kashmir. Day after Hurriyat rejected the dialogue and representative on Kashmir announced by BJP-led Government, ruling PDP Wednesday said in intractable situations, some stakeholders take intransigent positions but ultimately dialogue is the only way to resolve issue.

PDP general secretary Nizamudin-Din Bhat said that the interlocutor has been given a free hand to talk which has happened for the first time in the entire history of the conflict.

He said that the experience goes that in intractable situations, some stakeholders take intransigent positions but ultimately dialogue is aimed at coming around at a consensus.

“We don’t go by the stated position of parties. We go by initiating an exercise where everybody would have an opportunity to put forward his viewpoint and come round to a bottom-line,” he said.

Bhat said that the announcement of dialogue and interlocutor is a sincere effort to get the people of Jammu and Kashmir out of the prolonged difficulties and suffering.

“We have no doubt that dialogue is the only way forward. Wars or confrontations, protests have compounded the miseries of people of the state. Worst is witnessed on borders through death and destruction,” he said.

“And we would ideally like everybody to strengthen the process and reach a stage where the sufferings would end and people’s sentiments would be addressed,” he said.

“We have a faith in people’s judgment who no longer want to see themselves in the whirlpool of mayhem, death and destruction and would honorably like to end this impasse.”

He said that PDP will continue its efforts to persue all stakeholders to come round for a solution.

“Every stakeholder would ideally like to take a stated position before you reach at a consensus. We are not afraid of anybody taking intransigent positions, what we are afraid of is we do not to move forward.”

“We cannot have an excuse that somebody has sabotaged it (dialogue),” he said, adding, “Then what is the point of offering dialogue to those who say they want an Islamic State and accession to Pakistan? This is a stated position of some. Everybody is welcome for having an ideology and ideas, but when you want to resolve issues, then you have to talk and come to consensus.”


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