DGP asks militants to shun violence and join mainstream


Srinagar. Director General of Jammu & Kashmir Police, S P Vaid, appealed youth who have taken up arms to give up path of violence.

“Let’s free Kashmir from gun, grenade, drugs and bring peace, prosperity and smiles to the people, particularly to the youth,” Vaid said at the concluding function of South Sports Festival at Mattan Anantnag. He appealed youth, who have taken ups guns, to give up violence.

“I appeal youth, who have taken up arms and are on wrong path, to shun the path of violence,” Vaid told reporters on sidelines of the function. He also claimed that operation ‘All out” against militants in south Kashmir, has been a success so far.

“Operation All-Out has been a success and situation in Kashmir, especially in south Kashmir, will be back to normal soon”, the DGP said. He said as young men and women have dreams, police would try to act as a catalyst and help in realizing these dreams.

“Police in collaboration with other government departments is planning to sponsor the coaching classes so that poor and weak students are helped and provided coaching enabling them to qualify different competitive exams such as IAS, NET, NEET etc,” Vaid said.

While referring to success of the South Kashmir cricketer Parvez Rasool at national level, he said, “Our boys and girls are very talented and in order to channelize and provide them coaching etc, J&K Police will provide help and assistance.”


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