Kashmir: 12th graders Abid and Danish make a model to demystify math

New Delhi

Kashmir’s Abid Fayaz and Danish Mushtaq, the class 12 students, have developed a model to make mathematics learning easy.

Their model resembles a wooden box with angles marked on it. It can be used as such and also online. In the latter mode, it has to be connected to a mobile phone application, which is further connected to a Wireless Local Area Network.

According to the Kashmir Life portal, the application provides a variety of options related to the properties of angles like corresponding angles, opposite angles, etc. The model works by highlighting the angles on the board when a user selects an option in the application.

This model will give students a better understanding of the properties of the angles, especially for middle and high school level students.

danish fiyaz

Abid and Danish are students in 12th standard at the Boys Higher Secondary School, Zainakote with mathematics as the main subject.

“Since childhood, I struggled with mathematics and could never understand concepts like angles and triangles. However, in eighth grade, something changed and I began to enjoy the subject. I attribute this to my math teacher, who helped me understand the fundamentals of the subject so that by the time I reached class ten, I was more proficient than ever,” Abid Fayaz told Kashmir Life.

“Maths being a non-practical subject and triangles being the toughest chapter at the school level is the real reason why many students fear the subject. This is where the idea of model piqued in my mind,” he said.

Abid says he has always been inclined toward science and innovation.

It took the duo two years to make the final product and they are still working on improving its design.

“We shared the idea with our teachers at our school. They motivated us to participate in the science exhibition where we showcased the basic version of our model for the first time,” said Abid.

“Initially I started to use this model for teaching my cousins and the outcomes were good. This is where we decided to make it better and modify it as it can help the students to learn maths. Danish helped me equally throughout my journey.”

During an event of the Jammu and Kashmir State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), the duo was appreciated by the Union Territory government for their efforts in creating this mathematical model. They also presented the model at DIET Srinagar where they were appreciated for their work.

Source: Awaz The Voice


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