Jignesh to Dalits-‘20% of Karnataka Dalits should not give even 20 votes to Chaddidharis’


Bengaluru: Dalit leader and MLA from Vadgaam of Gujarat, Jignesh Mawani once again attacked the BJP. Karnataka is going to have an assembly elections this year. This election is going to be a direct fight between the BJP and the Congress. But, it is also expected that Jignesh Mewani will play an important role.

Jignesh said,”In April, I’ll be in K’taka for 2 weeks,will tell 20% Dalits in the state that not even their 20 votes should go to them (BJP).An alliance of all mainstream political parties&concrete people’s alliance should come together to defeat ‘chaddidharis’ in the state.”

This statement by Jignesh has cleared that even in the assembly elections in Karnataka, the Opposition will try to form a kind of solidarity. Even in Gujarat, the opposition had given a similar signal. Although in Gujarat, the BJP managed to form the government but a sharp decline in the BJP’s popularity has been found and where the party was claiming to win 150 seats, the party just won 99. This election is an important one before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.


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