Jerusalem is for Palestine and Islam and Israel has no right on it- Mufti Ashfaq

  • Agitation against Zionist Israel
  • ‘International Quds Day’ celebrated
  • Thousands of people chanted against Israel
  • Palestinian India Solidarity asserted
  • AITUI & MSO jointly called the programme

New Delhi, May 31, 2019. Jerusalem is not only the home of Palestinians but it is the blessed place of Islam. Not only every Muslim but every humanist must have clear stand that Jerusalem is the abode of Palestinians and Israel must dislodge its illegal settlements from the area. Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Quadri, Founder President of India’s largest Sufi cleric body All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam spoke on the eve of ‘International Quds Day’ distinctively known as the day of Jerusalem. The agitation rally against Zionist Israel and in the support of Palestine was called by India’s largest Sufi cleric body All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam aka AITUI. The organisation has called this huge agitation across India in 10
different cities including Mumbai, Kolkata and Jaipur.

“America, NATO and Israel with Saudi Arabian money and terrorism are behind the tyranny of Palestinians, which we Indian Muslim neither accepted, nor agree to. Israel dreams to capture Al Aqsa Mosque but Inshallah it will become failed. India is known to stand with Palestine and we can not change it.” Mufti added. “There is in the news that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is visiting Israel in July and he is trying to close to Tel Aviv but he must be clear that Israel always betrayed every friend from Russia to Wahhabi Arabs and Britain to last USA government of Barack Obama. We must learn from the history and whosoever rejects history is simply fool.” Mufti Ashfaq stated. He said that Palestine is ruined with the connivance between Israel and Al Saud family. Both the nations are involved for the promotion of terrorism across the world and India must beware with Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

Will save Al Aqsa Mosque- Naqshbandi

Syed Javed Ali Nashbandi of Darbare Ahle Sunnat told that Israel wish to ruin Jerusalem scared place of Islam. “It is third holiest place of Islam and we can not permit Israel to commit crime against Palestinians and Islam. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) performed Namaaz here and it is mentioned in holy Quraan. Every sensible humanist wish to save Israel from Zionist Israel” he added. Release 11,000 Palestinian from Israeli Jails- Maulana Abdul Wahid Maulana Abdul Wahid, Principal of Jamia Gausus Saqlain demanded for immediate release of more than 11,000 Palestinian men, women and children languishing in Israeli prisons. “We endorse the Cairo Declaration of 2010; the United Palestinian call of July 2005 for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) to compel Israel to comply with international law; the Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI); and all other initiatives to end the occupation of Palestine.” He stated.

‘Quds Day’ is a historic merriment- Shujaat Quadri

Shujaat Ali Quadri, National President of Muslim Students Organization of India said that ‘International Quds Day’ started from Iran but now it is the symbol of solidarity and demand of freedom of Palestine. “Quds is the Arabic name of Jerusalem and Quds Day is now a symbol of freedom of Palestine. It makes us observant to not to overlook the natural right of independence for Palestine. Israel wish to capture Jerusalem with the dream of Greater Israel, which will not be accomplished.” He added.

Narendra Modi must understand our demands- Mufti Asrar

Mufti Asrar Said that we are aware about the friendship between him and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu but Modi must eye on our demand for Palestine. We seek immediate unconditional release of 11,000 Palestinians detained in the jails. ‘”We demand for security of Jerusalem and Mosque Al Aqsa, dismantling the Israeli Settlements, demolishment of the Apartheid Wall and removing all the check posts that have turned Palestine into the largest open air prison-cum-concentration camp for its inhabitants. We demanded with the Government of India to stop targeted assassinations of the Palestinian leadership and the indiscriminate brutalization, torture, and killing of civilians” he added.

‘India Palestine Solidarity Long Live’ buzzing

Quadri Mosque of Shastri Park is known for its massive capacity of thousands of devotees for regular prayers but the last Friday of Ramzan made it even insufficient to cop up with the strength which is four time higher than regular days. Approximately 10,000 people on the venue chanted for Long Live India Palestine solidarity and rebuke for Israel. People on the spot were concordant with the speakers on Palestine issue.


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