Jamaat-e-Islami Hind breaking down: 34 members resign due to JIH’s ignorance to core ideology

NEW DELHI: Fissures appeared in the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) after its 34 members resigned on Saturday, alleging that the core principles and true ideology of the prominent Muslim body has “long been forgotten”.

Those of who have submitted their resignation also include a member of the Majlis-e Shura (advisory council – top decision making body of the JIH).

The splinter group is learnt to have decided to form another outfit in the days to come but no official announcement has been made in this regard so far.

“Thirty members, including Dr Tanveer Ahmed who was a part of the shura of the JIH’s UP (West) circle. The Jamaat has got derailed from its goal of iqamat-e-din (sticking to religion in every sphere of life). It has forgotten its founder Syed Abul A’la Maududi. Its central leadership is idle and does not let us work. It has of late become authoritarian. Therefore, we decided to part ways,” said  Dr Tanweer Alam.

Dr Tanweer  is said to be the main person who is heading  this  splinter group has  confirmed  the report of mass resignation of the  breakaway faction.

He said more people will also join them in the near future. However, he clarified that the new faction will never defame the Jamaat and always extend support as and when needed.

“We don’t have any problem with the Jamaat, but with its central leadership,” he added.

Asked if they going to form a new group and whether they have elected their chief, another senior member of the splinter group avoided to give a categorical reply and said they have “parted ways to work, not to form an organisation”.

When countered that to work in an organised manner, there must a group with a chief who is acceptable to all, Dr Tanweer  spilled the beans, “We have selected a coordinator who is in talks with people who are willing to join us. Soon this group will take a shape with a new name. Though we have not elected anyone as our chief, it will also be done. People are calling us from different states and congratulating us for taking this step.”

Asked if there is any chance of reconciliation and going back to the Jamaat, he said, “There is no scope even to think about that. We will never return to the JIH.”

The JIH also confirmed that it has got few resignations but they have not so far accepted and efforts will be made to reach out to them to address their grievances.

“I have come to know that the JIH headquarters has got few resignations, including that of a Shura member of the western Uttar Pradesh unit. Most of those who have resigned have ideological differences. Officials of Jamaat have already spoken to them earlier to sort out the differences and will do it once again. They will try their best to convinces the valuable and respected members,” JIH Vice President Syed Sadatullah Husaini said in a statement.

At the same time, he also said that it keeps happening in organisations that have an ideology. “It is not possible to avoid such situation. It has taken place earlier as well,” he said adding that “it is impossible for such a big organisation like the Jamaat to agree with everyone on all issues, neither can all its members respect the differences of opinions”.

He said though the Jamaat and its well-wishers will try their best to convince the members to take their resignations back, but “considering it a big crises or assuming that the JIH will get divided with few resignation would be a little exaggeration”.



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