Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa Director Abbas Tyrewala’s FB Post About Being An Indian Muslim Wins The Internet


Religion and nationality are two completely different things, and love for one’s nation is not spurred by religious values. That was the simple message Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa director Abbas Tyrewala wanted to spread through his Facebook status.

His message was about being a Muslim and how that doesn’t make him “less” Indian by any standards. Here’s what his status update read:







Tyrewala may not be the most well known face of Bollywood, but his #ProfileForPeace message has surely won hearts all over the Internet. After all, we are all humans who judge by parameters of religion, country and such barriers, but his post was a refreshing positive line of thinking.


  1. I wonder why he didn’t say he loves ISIS not because he is a Muslim but because he is Indian. Islamic Republic of Pakistan is more brutal than ISIS. They killed 3 million Bengalis half of them Hindus, raped numerous women some who were as young as 13 years old, none of the perpetrators were tried. Even Germany tried the Nazis who committed atrocities in world war 2. The minority population has been forcefully converted and their population has drastically diminished. They have thrown a Christian couple into a furnace which melts steel, nobody is punished for that. Numerous non minorities have been sentenced to death on fake blasphemy charges. Hindu women have been forcefully converted and married to Muslims. Abbas has a Hindu wife, a Hindu cannot have a Muslim wife in Pakistan. Pakistanis killed thousands in Mumbai where Abbas lives and the person who planned this massacre is not even considered a terrorist in Pakistan. Just as Osama who planned the NY massacre was considered a hero in Pakistan. All I am saying Mr. Tyrewala don’t give unconditional love to Pakistan. Perhaps you can say I would love Pakistan if they take out Islamic from the name of the country. As a celebrity in India, why don’t you keep your opinions to yourself and enjoy the immense benefits India gives to celebrities. After your poisonous post I don’t want you to be a celebrity anymore. I will do my part by no longer watching any of your movies.