“I’ve never owned a pistol,” says Tharoor after Airport ‘detention’

Shashi Tharoor on RSS

Shashi Tharoor has a reputation of one of the best English knowing leaders of India. His impeccable vocabulary is such that any English teacher can be jealous. According to a report published in news agency ANI, the Thiruvananthapuram MP, waiting for his sister at Jaipur airport was questioned by someone what he was waiting for. Tharoor replied, waiting for “my sister”. Somehow it was misheard as “pistol”. His sister was coming from Delhi. Panicked by this, the passenger informed airport security, who later “detained” Tharoor and “questioned” him.

However, Mr. Tharoor slammed the airport and denied its detention story. Tharoor objected to this on twitter,”This would be hilarious except that people might actually believe it…. I have never owned a pistol or applied for a license, & I’ve certainly never carried one or been stopped for doing so. Our media’s talent for making up stories is literally unbelievable.”

CISF clarified that Tharoor was neither detained nor questioned for carrying arms as was reported in the media. He was waiting for his sister. Someone had asked him what he was waiting for, he said: “my sister”, misheard as “pistol”.