Israel has ‘Hand in Glove’ with ISIS: Prof Mohibul Haque


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting India from tomorrow. Various pro Palestinian organisations and activist are protesting against this visit. Dr Muhammad Mohibul Haq, Assistant Professor of Department of Political Science Aligarh Muslim University share their views with Times Headline.

Times Headline: Bogie Yaalon served as defense minister in the current Israeli government till he had a falling out with Netanyahu in May 2016, claimed in a video statement that they have collaboration with ISIS in Syria. Does it symbolize that Israel could not help India on security and anti terrorism efforts?

Prof. Mohibul Haque: Israel a Zionist state, suffers from paranoia. This paranoia is arises from its perceived sense of insecurity as it is surrounded by Muslim states. It’s treatment of Palestinians for last seventy years and frequent use of excessive force against disarmed Palestinian population gives birth to anger and rage in the Muslim world. To counter this anger Israel tries to divide its perceived enemy and therefore the disclosure by its former officials about colluding and conniving with ISIS should not shock us. As a pioneer of non-aligned movement and known for following an independent foreign policy, India cannot and should not trust Israel as a reliable partner in its struggle against terrorism. India is a rising economic and military power with a great historical past and therefore, the major powers of the world do not digest its rise as they know the potential of this great nation. In these circumstances, India must refrain from aligning with a nation which suffers from the feeling of existential threat.

Times Headline: Israel is really helpful tool to counter Pak China influence in the region?

ProfMohibul Haque: Israel cannot be a useful tool to counter balance China and Pakistan in this region. In fact Israel which is a country with just six million people is smartly playing its game in the international arena. It’s friendship with any country has nothing to do with ideals or principles. It is always guided by its sense of insecurity and crude a national interest. A divided South Asia and perpetual tension between China and India, the two Asian giants capable of challenging the unipolar dominance of the United States is always good for Israel and its most reliable friend USA. Rather than giving space to Israel, India should try to develop confidence building measures in its relations with China which will automatically compel Pakistan to co-operate with India. Israel’s involvement in this region will complicate relations between India, China and Pakistan.

Times Headline: Do we over estimate the Israelis capabilities while they are also dependent on US aid?

Prof. Mohibul Haque: There is no doubt that Israel is overestimated and it is given importance which it does not deserve.

Times Headline: Tilting towards more to Israel will make India far from Iran, OIC and Arab states?

Prof. Mohibul Haque: India has opposed the creation of Israel right from the days of its freedom struggle. Tilting toward Israel will definitely isolate India from the Muslim world. We should know that the conflict between Israel and the Muslim world is inevitable because of Israel’s contempt for international resolutions and international law. India’s interest will be best served by supporting Palestine’s legitimate aspirations.