IPS officer calls ‘Shahi Imam’ of Jama Masjid ‘more of a businessman than a religious leader,’ here’s why!

An IPS officer, who previously served in Delhi as a senior police officer, has lashed out at the so-called Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid calling him ‘more of a businessman than a religious leader.

Reacting to a news item on Bukhari’s appeal for calm in Delhi amidst violent protests, IPS officer Aslam Khan wrote, “Why so late? Who’s gonna listen to him. More of a businessman than a religious leader.” Khan clarified in her subsequent tweet, “I am saying this because I have served in that district and know how things work there..don’t link everyone and everything to religion.”


Bukhari also faced widespread condemnation with many accusing him of having sold his conscience to support the BJP. This was after Bukhari sensationally extended his support to the BJP as he toed the saffron party line on the contentious issue of the anti-Muslim Citizenship Act. The newly passed Act can potentially render millions of Indian Muslims stateless when the BJP government prepares the National Register for Citizens across India.

Bukhari’s critics minced no words while slamming the controversial imam for his extraordinary decision to help the BJP. One wrote, “People like him are true zameer farosh!” Another commented, “Religion is the best business in india and these puppets speaks when their handlers want. Indians are emotional and this emotional ways help them to use them as mob.”

Delhi has witnessed a series of violent protests against the passage of the Citizenship Act in the parliament. The Delhi Police had come under huge condemnation for its brutal crackdown against the students of Jamia Millia Islamia University on Sunday. Similar violent protests were reported from Delhi’s Seelampur area.

Aslam Khan, who was the DCP (North West) in Delhi before being shifted to Goa in January this year, had questioned the leadership in the Delhi Police after several videos showed lawyers thrashing the men in uniform.

Source: Janta Ka Reporter


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