India Tells UN Rights Council to Ask Pakistan To Stop Cross-Border Terror

NEW DELHI: Just a day after the terror attack in Kashmir’s Uri, India has demanded that the UN Human Rights Council urge Pakistan to put an end to cross-border infiltration, dismantle the terror infrastructure and stop acting as the facilitator of terrorism.

“The fundamental reason for disturbances in Kashmir is cross-border terrorism promoted by Pakistan,” India said. The ruthless policy doesn’t shy off from putting children in “harm’s way” — at the “forefront of violent mobs instigated and supported by their handlers from across the border”.

That terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and Syed Salahuddin have a free run Pakistan only shows “active support for such personalities”, India added.

The Indian statement comes soon after a meeting in Delhi in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided that Pakistan must be diplomatically isolated at every international forum.

After the meeting, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the relations between India and Pakistan “will never be the same again”.  “Pakistan’s actions have gone beyond tolerance,” said Mr Prasad. “While Pakistan lives in a chronic state of denial, there is conclusive evidence of its role,” he added.


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