India loss nearly 2 lac corers due to ‘Demonetization Policy’ – Raghuram Rajan


The former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan once again criticized the NDA’s demonetization policy. He said that the nation has lost nearly two lac corers rupees because of ‘Demonetization’.

He further said that the government had already aware about the lost, because of demonetization. Rajan told that the Indian GDP declined by two percent due to demonetization policy.

He further discussed about the employment status of the nation, after the demonetization, the employment opportunity fall has been also reported. If we will not create job opportunist, things will get worse.

The government should more focus on ‘Importing’ and ‘Export Promotion’. The government not only work for ‘make in India but also ‘Make for India’.


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