India, Japan begin talks over possible joint mission to moon

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Japanese space agency (JAXA) are mulling over the possibility of a joint mission to the moon. The mission will include landing on the surface, exploring the moon by combining forces, and returning with samples. However, this is not India’s first lunar mission. Both the countries have independently explored the lunar before. But, this is for the first time that both are cooperating for a future possibility. The preliminary discussion has started and further talks are underway. This mission is also meant to improve the relationship between both the countries. Last year, an alliance was signed between the two space agencies.

However, the discussion has begun on the data and the major targets. Speaking about the joint mission, JAXA director Naoki Okumura said that last year, an alliance was signed between the two countries and they believe with this new project, they will be able to lead the space sector in the Asia Pacific region. Besides, both the agencies are also focussing on generating inputs for climate change. Okumura further said that after these discussions, they will come to an agreement and they hope that it will happen soon. The revelation was made at the 24th conference of Asia Pacific regional space agency forum in Bengaluru. Talking about the cooperation, ISRO chairman Kiran Kumar said, there will be a visible change in the relationship between India and Japan and they are looking forward to the future cooperation.

The discussions are also being held on the type of joint mission that will be undertaken. Both these agencies have expressed hopefulness and confidence in the mission and are planning to do it as soon as possible. However, ISRO Chairman A S Kiran Kumar said that the attempt of all the space agencies is to cut down the cost and make access to space cheaper. He further said unless the costs won’t be lowered, they won’t able to work in other regions, like power generation etc. Besides, Asian Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum has suggested the established agencies to work on rice crop monitoring, global rainfall monitoring, fire hotspot, haze monitoring and disaster management. Both the space agencies, are looking forward to this new cooperation and they expect the work to begin quite soon.


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