In death Saddam lives through Balubhai, Sunil and Mukhbhai

Ghaus Siwani
When the 27-year-old Saddam Pathan of Surat, Gujarat, met with a road accident and was declared brain-dead in the hospital, his parents decided to give hope to four others through their dead son’s organs.
All the four patients, who received Pathan’s organs happened to be Hindus. His liver, pancrease and kidneys were donated by his family to four persons for whom it made a difference between life and death, and hope and despair.
All four recipients of Saddam Pathan’s organs underwent transplat surgeries at the IKDRC on the premises of the Civil Hospital. They are recovering inthe post operative care unit of the hospital.
Balubhai, 49, was suffering from kidney disease since 2016 and has been waiting for a donor since 2019. A resident of Nirnai Nagar, Ahmedabad, Balubahi works for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.
His wife was ready to donate a kidney but during the medical tests, she was found to be diabetic. Balu was close to getting an organ from a brain-dead person at least thrice but each time there was last minute medical issue related to compatibility.
After Pathan’s grief-stricken parents decided to donate the organs of their brain-dead member, Balu Bhai was Balubhai said he is feeling grateful as he had been waiting since 2018 for a donor. He had even paid a deposit to a private hospital for a transplant that was almost finalized.
However, as no donor was available for a long time, the hospital returned his money and with this, his hopes of living a normal life also started fading.
Saddambhai’s second kidney is inside the body of Hans Mukh Bhai. 39-year-old physically challenged person.
Mukhbhai from Vadodara had been on dialysis for 6 years. He was suffering from kidney failure since 2012 and in 2018 he registered himself for the cadaver program.
On getting a new life, Hans Mukhbhai said he had been on dialysis for 10 years and finally got a kidney.
“I thank God and Saddam Bhai’s parents. Saddam Bhai has given me life and hopes for my child and wife.”
The third recipient Khushbu Mistry was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 5, She has been on insulin and gradually her pancreas also stopped functioning.
Khushboo, a nurse, registered with the cadaver program in 2022. She has received the pancreas of Pathan. She is currently recovering at IKDRC and in post-operative care. Khushboo said since her childhood she was insulin dependent. “As a child, I needed to take insulin five times a day.”
Sunil Pathak, 56, was a Ranji player and captained the Gujarat team in the 80s and early 90s. He later suffered from liver failure. Pathak registered himself with the Cadaver Donor Program and within eight months received a liver transplant donated by Pathan’s parents.”
“I never thought that I would be lucky enough to receive a cadaver liver in less than a year. I am thankful to the IKDRC team for giving me the best transplant,” he said.
Dr. Vineet Mishra, Director, of Kidney Hospital, Ahmedabad Civil Campus, said that there is constant awareness among people about organ donation, but if we encourage more people,
If we can, the light will spread in the lives of many people. India requires 1,75,000 kidney transplants a year, of which only 7% of patients get a donor. India needs 50,000 liver, heart, and lung transplants every year.”
Similarly, 25,000 pancreas transplants are needed every year. By 2022, 10,000 kidneys can be transplanted in the country, which is the third largest after the US and China. In terms of organ donation, India has been in the top 10 since last.
Source: Awaz The Voice


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